19th May, 2018 in Book 1: The Sword
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Author Notes:
Abelhawk edit delete
I'm kind of drawing blanks and feeling limited because of the pacing of this part of the story, so I know the comic's quality is at its lowest. Sorry. Someday I'll make up for it.

Honest to Vulcan, if anyone can come up with a better dialog option for Galea in the final panel, I will replace it. Please comment below in quotes if you can think of one! It can be funny or witty or sad or anything else. It just has to be "punchliney," which is sometimes hard to do.
User comments:
hey i haven't heard of this comic in a long time
good to se it is back
Tay (Guest) edit delete reply
Dialog is as good as always. While the artwork is not as polished as before, it mattereth not. You've got a real talent for setting up a scene and the story is great.