11th May, 2015 in Book 1: The Sword
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Author Notes:
Abelhawk edit delete
Thank you for voicing your opinions on the Facebook polls! They have shaped Salleigh's character forever!
User comments:
Darn!! Somehow I missed that poll on Facebook. DARN BEING BUSY!!
Looks great I think.. dirty boots..hehe
Ha ha, that's okay. I'm sure there'll be more chances to affect Knight Guy's storyline. What would you have voted, just out of curiosity?
Redge (Guest) edit delete reply
Very nice! I'm already very intrigued about Salleigh. She looks awesome! Well done!
I would have picked the gray actually. The brown looks too...rusty...for a lady. And the yellow just...I don't know. Just doesn't do it for me.
I think you got the right one there.
Wendi (Guest) edit delete reply
I forgot to vote too, but that's the one I liked!