10th July, 2015 in Book 1: The Sword
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Author Notes:
Abelhawk edit delete
Enough is enough. I've decided to dispense with all the details and shading and just focus on cranking strips out so I can advance the story along. From now on, I'll be cutting out background details (hence the rather bland middle panels) and only shade using quick gradients. I'm sad I can't make the entire strip as detailed as it has been for the past 10 or so strips, but I simply haven't got the time.
I briefly considered going forward without color, but this comic needs it. It's really the shading that takes the longest amount of time. Hope you don't mind! I figured you'd rather find out what happens from strip to strip sooner, rather than have pretty panels to look at and never see the end. If Bill Watterson could do it, so can I!
User comments:
Heck I don't need any shading. I just need the story.